3 Reasons to Choose Patio Door Blinds

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Is your patio door looking a little bare? Do you find it gets too hot when the sun beats down during the summer months? Maybe you want a window dressing to add color and style to space. Or, perhaps you want more privacy. There are many reasons to choose sliding patio door blinds to fill this spot in your home. If you’re not sure what will work for you, you can contact us or book an in-home consultation.

Here are three of our top reasons to select sliding panels for your patio door in Oakville.

1. Superior Convenience

Have you ever tried opening a closing a door with a curtain on it? Especially on exterior doors, sudden gusts of wind and normal air movement blow many window dressings into the door. It becomes a hassle to open or close the door because the fabric is always getting in the way. Sliding panel blinds are rigid, so they don’t succumb to the wind. They stay out of the way when you open and close the door, making them the right choice for this use.

Plus, blinds are simpler to clean than drapes and other options. All you have to do is close them and run your duster over them. Drapes need to be removed from the door and run through your washing machine, potentially even ironed!

2. Privacy without Darkness

When you’re inside, do you feel like someone could be peeking in your glass patio door? If you have a small or permeable fence, or the neighbors behind you have a two-story house, you may be concerned about privacy. Sliding panels are great options to get some privacy without necessarily limiting the natural light that the door brings into your space. Sliding patio door blinds can be made of thin but opaque material that allows in a lot of light but blocks the entire view. Compare that to vertical blinds, which block a lot of light unless they are at least open a bit.

3. Modern Style & Options

Panel blinds are one of the most stylish, modern options for your patio door. They’ve come into vogue because they’re simple and can have a plentiful range of styles. They can also add texture to your space. Plus, the natural light is a huge benefit for modern interior décor. Who doesn’t love to let the light into their space a little and enjoy the sun?

Even the simple way that sliding panel blinds opens is stylish. No more fumbling with cords. Instead, pull back the whole panel when you want to get some light or walk outside.

Get Inspired with Milton Blinds

No space is complete without blinds because they contribute so much to an area. If you’re in Oakville, you can discover your options for patio door blinds by exploring our gallery or contacting us today, or if you prefer an in-person consultation, we’re happy to stop by and be your personal home design professional!

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