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Quiet and Strong

Sonesse® range is putting window coverings in motion with ultra-quiet precision. The compact, low-profile motor Sonesse®30 is easily concealed within headrails, cassette systems or smaller pocket sizes.

Details & specifications


Quiet and Strong

  • Solid rotation for larger blinds or shades with quiet operation in both setting commands (close or open).

Simplified fabrication and installation

  • featuring “Snap-On” connection for roller tube adapters.

Streamlined programming Superior quality

  • Backed by 5 year warranty.


Comfort & Convenience

  • Convenient and well-appointed option for glare lessening and privacy.
  • With the click of 1 button close and open all blinds or shades.
  • Smartphone and tablet app available for rapid and simple control even while not at home.
  • Use voice commands to regulate RTS motorized solutions by adding myLink.


  • At office or at home, quiet is a key factor for healthy being. Sonesse® range offers an added feature value of auditory performance to superiority and compatibility.

Energy Savings

  • Energy costs lessening and shielding furnishings from harmful UV rays.
  • Use timers to schedule daily open and close times.
  • Add sensor setting that respond to the sun’s strength & placement.

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