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Roller Shades

Summer is a time when we get plenty of warmth and sunlight. Also, it is a time when we have to survive heat and humidity. It takes quite a bit of effort to feel comfortable both when staying outside and at home. Just like we keep cold outside in winter, we have to keep excessive heat and sunlight outside in summer. Roller shades is just one simple yet versatile solution.

Convenient window treatment

Roller shades are among the most affordable and user friendliest types of window treatment. They provide a sufficient amount of shade in your home and won’t let it heat up to extreme temperatures. Also, they will prevent your carpets, wallpaper and furniture from discoloration.

The best thing about them is their availability and simplicity of pull mechanism. Operation is very easy: you can choose between cord, cordless spring, or motorized control.

Another good thing stems from the previous one: simplicity of design entails affordability. This makes a roller shade one of the most popular options regardless of buyers’ age or social status.

Bow roller shades
Living room windows with roller shades
Bedroom roller shades
Roller shades in bedroom

Types of roller shades

There are inside and outside mount roller shades. Inside mounts are fixed inside a window frame, so that the fabric will cover the glass part. Many home owners choose this type because of sleeker appearance. However, since the shade is always narrower than the headrail that maximally fits the frame, it may leave gaps on both sides and let some sunlight through.

Outside mounts are installed in such a way as to cover the entire window frame. The headrail is installed on the part of the wall above and on both sides of the window frame. This leaves zero chance for sunlight. However, it may look a little rough and conceal decorative elements, if any, near the window frame.

There are also two roll types: standard roll and reverse roll. In a standard roll, the shade hangs from the headrail’s back and therefore fits closer to the window. In a reverse roll, the shade hangs from the headrail’s front and therefore leaves a wider gap and lets through some light.

Style your home with the best roller shade design you can afford!

Roller shade manufacturers are doing a lot to satisfy all tastes. Therefore, roller shades come in all color variations and can be made of a different materials, including, but not limited to various types of fabric, vinyl, burlap, plastic, etc. You can choose your preferred pattern from what you see on the counter or have a shade custom-made for you to complement your interior in the best possible way.

There are a huge number of roller shade designs that complement all sorts of interior, ranging from Victorian and Baroque to minimalistic contemporary styles. Also, you can choose a shade of any opacity level depending on how much sunlight you want to have in your apartment and whether or not you want your windows to partially retain the scenery when closed. If privacy is a big thing to you, you should remember that people will see from outside as much as you will see from inside! Call us at 905-876-9057 to set up your in-home consultation or fill out our Contact Form.


In home consultations are complimentary for a certain geographical area. If outside this area in home consultations are still available for a small fee. Pricing is available via email any time and at no charge.

Our current clients have taken us as far north as Barrie/Kleinburg/Vaughan and as far west as Scarborough/Newmarket and as far east as Waterloo/Kitchener/Guelph and as far south as Burlington/Hamilton/Grimsby. Being mobile we can truly service any area.

We shop around diligently every year to ensure we are bringing our customers the best quality products at the most competitive price points. We currently offer Delta, Eclipse Shutters and Shadeomatic products.

We strongly feel that the shop at home service allows us to narrow down your window covering product solution options so you are not overwhelmed with the variety. Not all blinds, shades, shutters are feasible for every window. This eliminates getting quotes on products which you may conclude to not even be options before the check measurement appointment.

In 2013 Milton Blinds turned into a shop at home service so we could guide customers to the right window covering solutions based on their home décor, lifestyle needs, window operations and placement. We know this allows for the best customer service and most accurate quoting process. This also makes for an efficient and smooth installation service as we have already been on site and able to make all customization during production.

Milton Blinds is on average a 3 week turnaround time. Sometimes this may be closer to 2 weeks and rarely a little longer. This includes all mini blinds, verticals, 2″ faux wood blinds, zebra blinds, roller shades, panel tracks, roman shades, wood shutters, sheer shades, shadomagic, trilight honeycomb shades, cellular shades, Eclipse Shutters, Delta Shutters, and more. Installers work Monday- Saturday to ensure a convenient day and time for our customers.

Since 2006 we have been proudly servicing the Milton and surrounding areas.

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