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Looking for a virtually indestructible window shutter that won’t chip, crack, peel or fade? We’ve got it! And we offer you a 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Window Shutters are the most energy efficient, child friendly, UV protective product on the market.

With a guaranteed production time of 6 days, you don’t need to wait months for custom California shutters.
Milton blinds offers 2.5″ Louvers, 3.5″ Louvers and 4.5″ Louvers sized shutters, however your window trim and depth may dictate your options. Also available with framed panel lock system or frameless magnet system.

There are many things to consider when designing your custom home shutters but we are here to recommend and guide you through all the pros and cons of each option to be sure you have the most functional, attractive California shutters for your space.

We have broken down into 8 areas:


Shutters are offered in three louver sizes: 2 1/2 inch, 3 1/2 inch and 4 1/2 inch. The 3 1/2 inch shutter slat size is the most common shutter size. The 4 1/2 inch shutters are often used for large windows with lots of depth for a grand presentation. 2 1/2 inch louvers slightly resemble the look of blinds from the exterior view of a home, but shutter louvers sizes are truly a personal preference and there is no wrong choice. Many times, window sizes, placement or home size will determine your shutter options.

Frameless Shutters vs. Framed Shutters

Frameless shutters sit inside the window trim and are kept closed with a magnet system. This is an option if there is enough depth to the window trim to open and close the shutter louvers/slats without hitting the window, locks, crack or any opening mechanisms. If the window is symmetrical, then this is a good clean option and the shutter does not stick out from the window and window trim.

Framed California shutters are the most popular option because if the window is not symmetrical, which most windows are not, the frames allow us to minimize gapping and create a seamless look. We have many different framing options to offer making California Shutters suitable for any window, with or without depth. For example, an older home (or historical home) may have no depth to the window at all and in this case we would add a casing frame to create depth to have clearance for California shutter louvers/slats opening and closing. This looks like a piece of crown moulding or high-end trim for windows. Sill frames are used when there is not trim and there is a sill or flat trim work around the bottom of the window instead.

California Shutter Frame Options for You Milton Home


(inside mount or outside mount)
A well-designed frame that may be used for inside mounts if window openings are square, or outside mounts right on top of trim or beside trim. The L frame can be used on an inside mount if you already have attractive trim that you do not wish to cover up.


(inside mount)
Decorative frame that blends well with all types of trim. Superb for marginally out of square windows because the projection covers any non symmetrical window trim.


(inside mount)
Crown moulding like frame that is used for inside mounts in openings or window openings with drywall returns and without trim.


(inside mount)
Decorative frame that is used for inside mounts that has rounded edges and a modern style. Outstanding for slightly out of square windows because the flange covers any imperfections.


(inside mount)
The largest, most decorative frame that is used for inside mounts in openings with drywall returns and without trim.


(inside or outside mount)
A smaller decorative frame that combines the Casing and a basic Sill Frame. When used in conjunction with the Casing Frame in outside mount applications, the Sill Frame will sit flat on a windowsill. The Sill Frame will be positioned at the bottom unless otherwise specified. It may also be used as a standalone frame. Use the casing sill as an alternative to the L Frame in both inside and outside mount applications.


(outside mount)
A decorative frame that is used to cover existing trim. It is installed directly into the wall and is outside mount only.

Shutter Tilt Bar, Clearview and Gears

Shutter Tilt Bar:

A tilt bar is the mechanism that connects the California shutter louvers/slats so that they operate together at the same time. This may look like a wand or a connection of pieces to create a stick with a connection to each of the louvers/slats. If you have a round and a traditional tilt bar, this can be customized to be in the front or back, side or middle. The most common choice now would be the back and of to the side to maximize visibility and for the most modern look, less lines.

Eclipse Shutters Online and in Your Home

Eclipse shutters offer a few different options for this tilt bar mechanism:

Shutter Divider Bars and Tilt Splits

Divider Bars – a divider bar is a horizontal sold piece that adds support and stability to any shutter of 60” in height or over a certain square footage. This divider bar allows you to independently operate the top portion from the bottom and can be placed anywhere on the shutter panels. You may place it to cover an existing separation on the window, a grill mark, or where it best benefits the functional needs of the room. This may be 17” up, ½” up, 2/3 of the way up, etc. If a window and usually it is a patio door is over 90” in height than two dividers are required. Having the flexibility of having the bottom closed and top open is a great window shutter feature. For example, over a bathroom tub or in a powder room you can have the bottom louvers tilted somewhat closed for privacy or even better slanted up slight and the top can remain open for lots of natural light. This is a super option for hard to reach windows where you can set it and leave it and not have to open and close daily.

Tilt Splits – a tilt split is designed for when you do not require a divider bar, but you still want the flexibility of the top being opened and bottom being closed or vice versa. Basically, the top operating independently from the bottom. This is achieved by splitting the tilt bar into 2 pieces as oppose to 1. Tilt splits can be designed to be anywhere on the shutter panel.

Room Darkening Shutters

Light Filter, Room Dimming, Blackout?

Shutters are considered room darkening and with the addition of light blockers can truly dim the room when in the closed position. Shutters do not always have a seamless closed fit and may appear to have a slight opening even when in the closed position. Light filtering refers to blinds that when in the closed position still allow light to filter into the room. Blackout would be a window covering product that does not allow any light to filter through the product and into the room.

25 Year Warranty
Both shutter brands are waterproof, fire resistant and non-porous. This vinyl material acts as an insulator in the winter months and prevents excessive heat from entering the home in the summer months.
All shutters sold here come with a 25 year warranty of no chipping, cracking, peeling, fading, blistering.


Specialty Shutters

Eclipse Shutters offer extra options for irregular shaped windows and added patio door options such as bypass and track patio shutters. Specialty shaped windows can have a shutter designed for them that will be moveable, open and close. These custom shutters can be made for archways in 11 different shapes:
Half Circle, Eyebrow, Quarter Circle, Tunnel, Elliptical, Symmetrical Angle Top, Angle Top, Hexagon, Full Rake, Half Rake, and Octagon.

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On the week of your installation you will receive a link with details required to complete an online registration program for your shutters. This shutter warranty is through the manufacturer although Milton Blinds will handle and coordinate any arrangements necessary.

No, not at this time. All of our window covering treatments are for interior use only. The window covering solutions we currently have are supplied by Delta, Eclipse and Shadeomatic and consist of mini blinds, 2″ faux wood blinds, verticals, panel tracks, shutters (plantation shutters and California shutters), vinyl shutters, wood shutters, solar screen roller shades, designer roller shades, dual shades, zebra blinds, sheer shades, vienna blinds, roman shades, honeycomb shades, cellular shades and pleated shades.

In home consultations are complimentary for a certain geographical area. If outside this area in home consultations are still available for a small fee. Pricing is available via email any time and at no charge.

Our current clients have taken us as far north as Barrie/Kleinburg/Vaughan and as far west as Scarborough/Newmarket and as far east as Waterloo/Kitchener/Guelph and as far south as Burlington/Hamilton/Grimsby. Being mobile we can truly service any area.

We shop around diligently every year to ensure we are bringing our customers the best quality products at the most competitive price points. We currently offer Delta, Eclipse Shutters and Shadeomatic products.

We strongly feel that the shop at home service allows us to narrow down your window covering product solution options, so you are not overwhelmed with the variety. Not all blinds, shades, shutters are feasible for every window. This eliminates getting quotes on products which you may conclude to not even be options before the check measurement appointment.

In 2013 Milton Blinds turned into a shop at home service so we could guide customers to the right window covering solutions based on their home décor, lifestyle needs, window operations and placement. We know this allows for the best customer service and most accurate quoting process. This also makes for an efficient and smooth installation service as we have already been on site and able to make all customization during production.

Milton Blinds is on average a 3-week turnaround time. Sometimes this may be closer to 2 weeks and rarely a little longer. This includes all mini blinds, verticals, 2″ faux wood blinds, zebra blinds, roller shades, panel tracks, roman shades, wood shutters, sheer shades, shadomagic, trilight honeycomb shades, cellular shades, Eclipse Shutters, Delta Shutters, and more. Installers work Monday- Saturday to ensure a convenient day and time for our customers.

Since 2006 we have been proudly servicing the Milton and surrounding areas.

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